Oh, about me?
Hey! That picture isn't me. It's Canadian opera singer Mark Donnelly who took well over a decade ago. He's famous for this fun video.

Me Mark Donnelly is Bay Area based, currently a Group Creative Lead at Discord, formerly an advertising agency creative, and forever a big fan of the old internet.I've won some awards, had work featured in the trades, and been part of some incredibly unique productions, but what I love the most about my job is the people I work with. Nothing beats a team of nice and talented folks to really make good work great. Also, I might be a bit of a stickler for process. Process, nice people, and great work. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Way back when, I wrote for politicians, then I wrote for Korea's National Tourism Organization in Seoul. After that, I wrote words in Atlanta, Austin, and now I'm in San Francisco. Formerly an Associate Creative Director at BBDO, I moved over to the tech world where I currently write words as a Group Creative Lead at Discord.

You can email me here.