so i have a mustache now, but it's actually quite hard to get a lenticular film portrait made, so we're just going to roll with this mustacheless photo. anyway, i was on a production once where an actor was supposed to walk through a wall. it was a prop wall that was going to be prepared to be easily walked through. the stunt coordinator didn't score the wall, so walking at a healthy pace, our lead actor went forehead first (as instructed) into a a very hard wall. He had a nice hematoma that we had to take out in post.
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I've won awards, had work featured in the trades, and been part of some incredibly unique productions, but the best part of my job is working with nice people writing and creating cool stuff. Also, I might be a bit of a stickler for process. Process, nice people, and good work. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Way back when, I wrote for politicians, then I wrote for Korea's National Tourism Organization in Seoul. After that, I wrote words in Atlanta, and Austin, and now I'm in San Francisco. Formerly an Associate Creative Director at BBDO, I moved over to the tech world where I currently write words as a Group Creative Lead at Discord.

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